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SPECTRAFISH Kick Off to develop a non-invasive system to control safety and quality attributes of fish products

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On October 17th the new project Spectrafish was presented, with the research centers and fish-related SMEs involved in the project.

Spectrafish is a 2 year project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission that aims to give a response to the increasing consumer expectations for products with high and consistent quality and safety and the interest of the industry to automate inspections.
Today quality and safety are assured by multiple determinations of external and internal parameters. Such on- and off-line methods are invasive, time-consuming and sometimes inconsistent. The development of a rapid, objective, reliable and non-invasive system will represent a significant advance for the finfish industry and consumer trust on this sector.

Three research centers are involved in the project: University College Dublin (Ireland), Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas (CSIC – Spain) and IRIS (Spain), joining the six SMEs who will contribute to the development and the industry validation: Venmark Fisk AS (Denmark), Fresheal Limited (UK), Xenotechs Laboratorios SL (Spain), BCB Informática y Control SL (Spain) and Specim Spectral Imaging OY (Finland).



  Developing a solution based on hyperspectral imaging technology.

By integrating two conventional optical sensing technologies, computer vision and spectroscopy, into unique imaging sensors, a hyperspectral imaging system can provide not only spatial information, but also information for each pixel in an image. The novel hyperspectral imaging is a technique to provide the answer to the question of “where is what”, so it’s a useful system to apply to many monitoring processes, especially in the food industry.

During the first year of the proposed project, a laboratory test-rig will be used to couple the most critical hyperspectral image features with reference values of selected parameters measured with traditional methods. During the second year, a hyperspectral imaging system will be built to pre-competitive prototype level and subsequently validated in industry for the rapid, non-invasive and simultaneous measurement of several safety and quality attributes.

Project KickOff

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The project Kick-Off meeting took place in October in Castelldefels, Spain, at the headquarters of IRIS, the project coordinator.


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There is a need to provide the finfish sector with a rapid, objective, accurate and non-invasive system to inspect the safety and quality of finfish products.